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City of Oakland Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Prioritization Survey
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1. As a City, we make decisions based on the values of Oakland residents. We want to know how Oaklanders would like to make these decisions. Please select the top 5 factors from the lists below:
2. What times are most convenient to attend public meetings? Check all that apply.
3. What is the most convenient way to give feedback to the City? Check all that apply.
Demographic and Identifying Information
1. What is your race and/or ethnicity? Please select all that apply.
2. Including yourself, please indicate who resides within your household. Select all that apply.
3. How long have to lived in Oakland?
4. Where do you live? Please provide cross-streets.
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5. If you would like the city to follow up with updates, please provide your email here.
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6. Where was this survey taken?
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