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Battleground Instructor Application
Thank you for your interest in teaching lessons at our skatepark! This is a volunteer position, however we do provide free membership at Battleground for our instructors so if we approve you for teaching, you get to ride the ramps all you like. You also get to make a big impact in the lives of younger skaters and riders who look up to you. This is why we are very selective about who we choose for this important job!
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Please tell us about what you can do on the ramps. (This is your chance to brag a little!) *
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We generally do group lessons at 10 am on Saturday and then private lessons are scheduled according to availability. You do not need to be available for an entire session, since a lesson is typically an hour, but we would like to get a general idea of the days/times you are available. (We will discuss your schedule in more detail if we choose you as an instructor.)
Battleground is a Christian outreach organization. We are looking for people who have morals and values we want to promote among young people. Please tell about your spiritual beliefs. What do you value? *
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If you attend a church, please tell which one.
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Please give us the name, phone number and relationship for three people not related to you who can serve as references. For example: John Smith, 999-999-9999, former boss. *
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