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MYTHIRDPLACE Semester Survey
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Do you consider yourself Christian?
If not, what do you consider yourself?
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Which best describes your home environment?
Which best describes the way you feel about school?
I feel like I have an adult I can talk to with my problems
What is one important thing you learned at MYTHIRDPLACE this semester?
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What is one way you will apply what you learned to your life?
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What is one way you grew as a person this semester?
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If there were no MYTHIRDPLACE, what would you be doing after school?
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In what ways do you feel safe, loved, and supported at MYTHIRDPLACE?
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As a result of MYTHIRDPLACE, I feel more equipped as a leader.
I feel accepted at MYTHIRDPLACE.
I feel supported and welcomed by the mentors at MYTHIRDPLACE.
I feel like the space at MYTHIRDPLACE is perfectly suited for teens like me to feel welcomed and comfortable?
Absolutely Yes
Absolutely No
How can our space and rooms be improved?
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What is something you would like to see different at MYTHIRDPLACE?
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