A survey for IFN SAT Program Through Sylvan Learning Center
Assalam Alaikum Dear Community Members,

We would like to ask for your feedback and know your preference regarding SAT program

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SAT through Sylvan
Which standardized exam are you planing to take for college admissions? *
Sylvan Center agreed to offer a free diagnostic SAT and ACT test on 1/21/2018 from 2-5pm at IFN . This test is open to all for free. will you be interested to take this test? *
IFN offers SAT preparation program through Sylvan for a significantly discounted price. However, we need at least 6 registered students to offer the Program at IFN. will you be interested/able to register? *Program: January 23 - March 6 *
Are you interested to take this classes in the summer? *
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