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CHN GetAway Application
All information is kept strictly confidential. CHN covers the cost for 3 days lodging, breakfast and dinner during our event days. Travel to and from our event venue is at your expense. Before applying to attend our event, please research flight costs / availability and, if necessary, any visa requirements.
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Which GetAway are you applying to? *
Full names, (as they appear on your passports), & ages of everyone in your party that is applying to attend the GetAway event. (If you prefer an abbreviated version of your first names, please let us know so we can print it correctly on your event Name Badges.) For children's names, please use this format: (Name, age, son or daughter). *
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Email Address *
 Address in the country you are serving. (Street, City, Country, Zip Code) *
Home Assignment Address (Street, City, Country, Zip Code) *
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Have you previously attended one of our events? Which one? *
How long have you been in the country you are serving in? *
How long has it been since you have had a vacation? *
Briefly describe how this GetAway time would be beneficial to you *
the following boxes below, please provide the information for 2 close relatives or friends with whom we can communicate. (This is for a special surprise we will have for you at our event. Our organization will never solicit them, share their information with 3rd parties Inor contact them for any other purpose.) If you have family or friends also attending the GetAway, please list someone other than them here, as we will have the same surprise for them.:)
Name of close relative or friend and what their relation is to you? (Friend, family.. etc)
Close friend or relative's email address
Close friend or relative's phone number
Name of another close relative or friend and what their relation is to you? (Friend, family...etc.)
Their email address: *
Their phone number:
Do you have expat friends or colleagues that are also in full time Kingdom work, that you'd like us to send an invitation to? If so, please include their name, email, country they are serving in and their organization, below.
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