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CADathlon 2017 Participant Application
Welcome to CADathlon 2017!
Please review eligibility requirements and guidelines for choosing a partner before completing this application.

Submission Procedure:

1. You must have a partner to enter the competition!
2. Each member of your team must fill the form.
3. Fill in the form completely; when nothing seems appropriate, enter N/A; take care to enter your email address correctly.
4. Submit the form by Midnight, USA Eastern time, October 8, 2017.
5. You will be notified if your request for participation is accepted, by October 15, 2017 via email.

NOTE: We have limited funding resources (i.e., CADathlon scholarship) for travel support to be shared among applicants in need. Please be considerate of others in need and apply ONLY IF you do not have any other support for your travel to ICCAD. Only current SIGDA member students are eligible (We will ask membership number later once you apply). Reimbursement process requires copy of uncovered/partially-covered receipts and typically takes 1-2 months after the contest.

Please feel free to ask any questions to:

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