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West Coast Brass Fest 2018 Volunteer Application
Please fill out the following questions if you are interested in volunteering for the West Coast Brass Fest 2018.
Responsibilities include: Safety, 7am starts each day, RO stages, repair stages, distribution of information and assist the match staff as needed.
Perks include: Comp'd match, Staff only Prize table, room and board as needed, gas reimbursement for non-room and board, and lunches both days. We reserve the right to determine lodging and mileage.
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Do you have experience being a Range Officer? *
Do you have experience as a staff member at a Major? If so, please indicate the match(es)
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What is your local club? *
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Are you able to volunteer for the main match days? (Saturday and Sunday) *
Are you planning on shooting the staff/1day-er's match on Friday? *
Do you require room and board? *
If you require room and board and have people you'd like to room with, please let us know the names below
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If you are planning on commuting, how many miles are you going to commute daily? (Reimbursement based on national value.)
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