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Secret Society Application
HOW IT WORKS: You submit an application. If selected, you pay a $300 fee over four months (payment plans available) that covers coaches' salaries, rehearsal space, promotion and management. Acceptance to the Secret Society is not guaranteed. The teams will be decided by the secret society coaches and the Mettlesome stakeholders based on lottery, availability, diversity, interest, and experience. 

After four months, just like the ephemeral magic that is improv, the teams disappear into the wind, only to be whispered about as "You had to be there to see it," experiences.

WHAT YOU GET: A team of diverse improvisers with differing levels of experience, a talented and insightful coach, a weekly rehearsal space, and two shows a month for three months (+ one month of rehearsal).

Society members also get free entry into any Mettlesome show and $50 off any multi-week Mettlesome Lab.

FIRST REHEARSAL: First week of February

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We'll do our best to accommodate everyone but schedules are based around the coaches' availability. Important to note: Shows have the potential to be on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights.
Mettlesome strives to provide a safe environment. If there is anyone whom you would not feel comfortable performing on a team with you can use this space to let us know.
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I understand that if I am accepted into the Secret Society program I will be expected to pay $300 over the course of four months in exchange for coaching, rehearsal space, promotion and management. (Payment plans available.) *
I understand that filling out this application does not guarantee placement on a Secret Society team. *
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