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IMDA Teaching Application
Fall teaching requests are due Jan 1. Spring requests are due August 1.
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What semester did you/do plan to reach candidacy? *
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How many times have you taught for the Visual Arts Dept? *
No teaching experience required. Include current courses you are teaching.
How many times have you taught a related college level course outside the Dept of Visual Arts? *
No teaching experience required.
What course did you observe in the Art 638 Teaching Practicum? *
Include any current Practicum that you're currently enrolled in.
What course do you plan to observe in Art 638 Teaching Practicum prior to teaching?? *
Leave blank if you're not taking a practicum this coming semester.
Name of the Instructor who supervised/will supervise your practicum? *
or write "none" if appropriate and explain in comments below.
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What course are you primarily interested in teaching? *
Pre-requisite: Successfully completing a Practicum.
If there's another course you're willing to teach, please let us know? *
Pre-requisite: Successfully completing a Practicum.
List all the times available on Mon/Weds *
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Are you available to teach on Fridays? *
Is there any information we should be aware of that may inhibit or contribute to your ability to teach?
Keep responses brief, under 20 words. Contact the GPD, your advisor or the Foundations Point Person for more in-depth discussions.
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