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2018 NYSML Registration Form

The New York State Mathematics League (NYSML) spring championships will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at SUNY Geneseo in Geneseo, NY. We invite any and all interested leagues to attend.

This form is to be used to register for NYSML 2018 by member leagues.

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League Name *
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League President (Name) *
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League President's Email *
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League President's Phone Number *
Please give a number at which we can reach you in case we have logistical questions.
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Head Coach (Name) *
This is the person who will be contacted for team related issues and emergencies. This is the person who will be given your team envelopes at the end of the meet.
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Head Coach's Email *
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Head Coach's Phone Number *
Please give a number at which we can reach your head coach in case we have team specific questions.
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Number of teams your league is bringing: *
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Names of your teams *
Please list your team names separated by commas.
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Number of alternates you plan to bring. *
Please try to be as accurate as possible. This will help us to set up the alternate teams ahead of time to have a smoother and timely start to the day.
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Number of adults that will be accompanying your league *
Please include all coaches and chaperones in your count so that we can properly prepare and bill for meals etc.
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Will your team be ordering breakfast at the school on the day of the meet? *
Breakfast will be available from 7:00 to 8:00 only. If you are staying at a Hotel, breakfast may be provided for you at that location. ANSWER YES HERE ONLY IF YOU WILL HAVE BREAKFAST AT THE UNIVERSITY.
Number of people for Breakfast? *
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*******Anything we should know about your coaches or students requiring special attention or dietary restrictions******? *
Use this section to tell us if you need any special requirements your team or coaches may have such as requiring vegetarian or gluten-free meals, using a wheelchair , etc. MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE INDICATE HERE IF THERE IS ANYONE IN YOUR GROUP WITH ALLERGIES THAT WE SHOULD BE AWARE OF!
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Nomination for The Alfred Kalfus Award
All of our coaches give of their time and effort so that our mathletes can enjoy the full NYSML experience. NYSML is truly a labor of love. The Al Kalfus Award is given in honor of the founder of our league and its first president. It recognizes a coach who is outstanding in the discipline, someone whose time and talents go above and beyond the norm. Coaches are encouraged to submit a short narrative in support of a colleague who is deserving of the Al Kalfus Award.
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Nomination for The Linda Berman ~ Barbara Rockow Scholarship
In 2007, the Berman-Rockow Award was established to honor the many years of outstanding service that the outgoing treasurer, Linda Berman, and the outgoing secretary, Barbara Rockow, had rendered to the New York State Mathematics League (NYSML). Coaches may submit a short narrative in support of one team member who is deserving of a leadership award. The Berman-Rockow Award will honor students who embody good leadership on an all-star team. It is not necessary that the honorees be the strongest mathematicians on the team, but it is necessary that the narrative describe how the student brings almost-intangible benefits to the way a team functions. Beginning in 2015, this award may be given to a maximum of one student per team per year. Multiple awards may be given each year. Therefore, we encourage all coaches to submit a narrative on behalf of one student.
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