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MUST Summer Lunch Pledge Form
Through the generous support of volunteers and donors, the MUST Summer Lunch Program delivers food to children in their neighborhoods Monday-Friday throughout the summer. The 2019 Summer Lunch Program takes place May 28 - July 26. With 6,000-7,000 lunches needed each day during the summer to support children who receive free or reduced-priced lunches during the school year, we greatly appreciate your donation to MUST Ministries!

We kindly accept donations of the following items:
- Complete lunches consist of one sandwich, two snacks and one drink in a paper lunch bag.
- Setups consist of two snacks and one drink in a paper lunch bag.
- Just Sandwiches. Please note that we are currently in the process of phasing out Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches due to nut allergies. However, we do understand that this sandwich option works best for some groups and will accept them in limited quantities.

Please refer to the 2019 Menu Guidelines for more detailed information about lunch preparation:

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MUST Donation Center drop off times are Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-5pm. All other Locations drop off times are Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm.
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Please include as much information about the drop off dates as possible. For example: Every Monday from June 3 - July 22.
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Complete Lunch = 1 sandwich, 2 snacks and 1 drink ; Setup = 2 snacks and 1 drink
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Please enter the number of items being dropped off at any given time. For example: If you are donating 500 lunches twice during the summer, please enter 500 instead of 1000. Thanks!
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