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Jeff Pryor's 2019 OUAB Pre-Order Form
Epic Fantasy

Book Descriptions/Blurbs:


Life is a song, sing it well!

Edson Pye is the greatest bard in all of Elraon. Unfortunately, nobody else has figured this out yet. An annual competition in the city of Vonst provides an opportunity to validate his claims, while a chance encounter springs him toward the fame he so desperately covets...though at what cost?

Wanting only wine, women, and an audience for his music, Edson instead finds himself drawn into an increasingly tangled web of schemes centered around a mysterious murder. His growing fame, coupled with an aggressive manager, puts him in front of crowds larger than he ever imagined...can he live up to his own hype?

Edson’s trio of desires continuously spark misadventures, compelling him to confront his own flaws and decide what kind of person he wants to be, all while moving on an unavoidable path toward a confrontation with his greatest rival.


Hope is a fragile thread.

Imprisoned for over four-hundred years, the Arneisian people tenuously held onto that thread. Generations were born and generations died. Sons were Chosen and given to the sorcerers who imposed the chains of slavery on their people, hoping the one foretold would Return to lead them from their prison. The thread of hope is tested as a new group of boys is Chosen. Their secrets will free the Arneisians or break that thread forever.

The survival of a magical forest is in the hands of a young brother and sister. A father refuses to accept their destiny, and fights to protect them from the dark creatures who hunt them. A husband and wife only hope to reunite as he leads an army while she attempts to uncover spies for her king. Their futures, as well as the fate of kingdoms, hang in the balance as a boy fights to fulfill his destiny amid the gathering storms of war.


Whispers of a Broken World,
Flesh is Rotten, fingers curled.
Remnants of another time,
Captured in a poet's rhyme.
Words of hope within the darkness,
Explore this world of poetic madness.
Take my hand, I'll lead the way,
Come with me, come what may.
The door is open, come inside,
Take a seat, and enjoy the ride!

A collection of poetry based in emotion.

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