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Milkman Application 2019-2020
Now is the time to join the Mande Family as part of our Milkman Support Team for the 2019-2020 Season. We need a good group of Milkmen to help coordinate and execute all of the amazing events, appearances, and good work we do in the community throughout the year. If you enjoy having a good time, being a part of a community organization, meeting new people, and making lots of new friends and family, then this is the right fit for you!

We will have an informational meeting Sunday, May 19, 2019 from 4-5 pm @ the Mandeville Trailhead. Here you will get an overview of meetings and events for the year and an outline of duties and expectations. If you don't already know, WE DO SO MUCH MORE THAN MARDI GRAS PARADES!

Men and women ages 21 and up are welcomed to join our team of Milkmen. The Milkmen are the backbone and muscle of our group. They do everything from hand out drinks, driving support vehicles, setting up events, carrying banners, constructing equipment, crowd control, playing DJ from time time and much much more.

The Milkmen will have additional requirements regarding costume purchase, member dues, and event attendance. In order to be an effective team, we need to be able to count on our support group to show up and look the part. We are looking for motivated men and women, looking to have a good time, all year long!

We are very excited about this season and so excited that you have considered joining the Mande family. We look forward to meeting you soon! Until then, keep on shaking!
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How would you handle the following situation? We are marching in a parade and a crowd member decides they want to dance with the Mande and runs in to the line of girls to dance, not touching just dancing. *
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How would you handle the following situation? We are performing at an event or marching in a parade and a crowd member is screaming vulgar obscenities to the members of the group. *
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