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TK-8th Grade Track A Student Enrollment Application
The Track A program is an eight week school session that takes place July 1st through August 21st. Track A is an alternate school track; it is not summer school but instead an extension to our regular program. Students who enroll in Track A are choosing to enroll with one of our partner schools during this window of time.

TK - 8th grade students enrolled in Track A will will be allotted $500 in instructional funds to purchase classes, educational materials, camps, and more through our approved vendors. Students dropping from the school early to enter a different school in the fall must notify their assigned teacher in June. Funds will be prorated based on length of enrollment.

Please complete one application for each student in grades TK-8th grade that you would like to enroll in Track A. **Note: Your student is not enrolled in Track A until you have been contacted by a Track A teacher and signed a Track A Master Agreement. Families will be notified by the their Track A teacher in early June.

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ONE student only please. Complete this application again for additional students.
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Please list any additional siblings also enrolling for Track A (last name, first name, grade). *
If no siblings, please type NA.
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Are you a new, current, or returning student? *
Returning students are students that were enrolled in Sage Oak in the past but are not currently with Sage Oak.
What grade will your student be in for the fall of 2019? *
If your student will be entering 9, 10, 11, or 12th grade in the fall, please submit a high school application form.
Does your student have an IEP or 504 Plan? *
Will your student be dropping Track A before August 21 to enter a different school for the fall or for any other reason? *
If yes to the above question, please list the date your student will need to drop from Track A. *
Please type NA if your student will not be dropping early.
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Who is your current Teacher Facilitator (TF)? *
You will be placed with your current TF for Track A unless they are not working during Track A. If you are a new or returning student, please select "I do not have a TF." Note: Rosters will be built based on teacher availability, space is limited.
If your current TF is NOT working Track A or you are a new student, you may request a Track A teacher on the line below (optional). (First name, Last name)
If you do not have a Track A teacher request and your TF is not working Track A, you will be placed with a Track A teacher that is geographically closest to you. Note: Rosters will be built based on teacher availability, space is limited.
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