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College House Entrance Scholarship 2019 Application form
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Please write a personal statement which addresses the following matters:

1 Demonstrate the need for financial support: Please provide an overview of your financial circumstances (a clear picture but not necessarily the fine detail) and indicate how the scholarship would be used to help you.Include details (where applicable) about StudyLink student allowance and/or student loan, family support, personal savings, holiday jobs, part-time jobs.

2 Outline your involvement in community, school, sporting or cultural experiences in 2018.

3 Outline any leadership roles held in 2018 and what qualities or attributes you will bring to College House.

4 State how you will benefit from receipt of this Scholarship.

5 In support of your application the Principal requires a character reference to be emailed to:

6. In support of your application, your parent(s) need to download, complete and forward the Confidential Financial Disclosure form to the Principal.
Please use the following link to access Confidential Financial Disclosure Form

Closing date is Friday 28 September 2018 at 4pm

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