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2017 Fifth Grade Yearbook OPT OUT FORM
This form is ONLY for parents who do NOT wish to have their child's name or image used in the Yearbook. Do NOT fill this out if you want your child to appear in the Yearbook.
I wish to OPT OUT of my child/children's image and name being published in the EEHSP Erdenheim Yearbook for the 2016-17 school year. I understand that this is not an explicit guarantee that my child’s photo may not appear in a group photo, but I understand that best efforts will be made to diminish the visibility of my child in any such shots, whether through cropping or otherwise. I also understand that this OPT OUT is complete, and that I may not submit photos of my child for use in one context, if I expect his/her photo not to be used in any other areas. *
My child's name (Last, First) is: *
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My child's teacher is: *
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I grant permission for EEHSP's Yearbook Committee to utilize my responses above as the basis for exclusion of my child/children from the 5th Grade Yearbook and other digital or print images during the 2016-17 school year. *
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