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Birmingham Furs Feedback Form
This form is anonymous. You only have to leave contact details if you would like to be contacted by a staff member in regards to the feedback you submit. Please note that you DO NOT need to supply contact details on this contact form. All responses gathered from this form is kept private between staff members and will not be posted online for public viewing.

All staff have signed NDAs (Non-disclosure Agreements) and cannot discuss results with anyone except other staff members or the people who have left the feedback.

If you wish to report an incident, we ask that you contact us directly and not use this form to report it to us.
Contact Details (OPTIONAL)
NOTE - You DO NOT need to fill this section in if you wish to remain anonymous. This is only for those that wish to have a staff member respond to them. Please skip to the next section if you wish to remain anonymous.
Furry Name
How would you like us to refer to you when we contact you?
Contact Method
Please list the easiest way to contact you by using the following method: CONTACT METHOD - Contact detail. EXAMPLE: Email -
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