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Optional Title or Topic: This is a word or a few words indicating the main idea of the text, and can be the name of a Tool, Principle, Tradition, Step, etc.)
Optional Inspirational Quotation: This may be a short quote from the WA literature that supplements the Title or Topic.
Sample Meditation 1

We rest before we get tired.
(WA Book of Recovery, Tools of Recovery, p.11)

When I first heard this part of the tool, it baffled me. How would I know when I was going to
get tired before it actually happened? What if I ended up resting nearly all the time, just in
case? I'd never know if it had been necessary, or how near I had been to getting tired. And
surely I didn't deserve to rest until I had finished everything there was to do? After some
time of practicing this tool, I have become much more in tune with my body and my energy
levels. The rhythm of activity and rest, activity and rest has become a natural one to me, as
natural as breathing in and out, in and out. My Higher Power has helped me come to live by
a tool that I could not understand with my own reasoning.

I am grateful for the promises coming true in my life.
Sample Meditation 2
We learn to play and have fun together.
Promise Five of Workaholics Anonymous

When we were children, life flowed so naturally and easily. Playing and having fun happened
spontaneously, they sprang from our inner being. We didn't have to learn that. At some
moment this energy left us. Over the years we have become overly absorbed in serious
business: “I don't have time to play!”

When we decide to open up to joy and playful lightness, rays of sun can lighten up our life.
We respond to the beauty of the world and are renewed.
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