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Please fill out this brief survey (less than 10 questions) on our plans for 2022! #DemocracyNeedsYouIn2022!
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What types of activities would you like to see us focus on in 2022?
What would it take for you to canvass with us?
We would like to expand our Voter Registration efforts.  Where can you register voters in your neighborhood? Please describe the location: (i.e. farmers market, block parties, festivals, other.)
What would it take for you to become a Neighborhood Leader in our 35 Doors Project?
In order to grow and expand our efforts, we could use assistance with back-office tasks (i.e skills like, copy-writing, data-entry, graphics, social media, etc.). If you are willing to help us for an hour or two a week, please share your e-mail address below, so a member of our team can follow-up with you:
We welcome any comments or constructive feedback on ways to expand our efforts; please share your thoughts below:
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