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Alumni Connect Program Survey
Please help us shape the future of the EOP Alumni Connect Program by giving us your input. New ideas are welcome, so feel free to check the "Other" box on any question and write what you'd like to see in the space provided.
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Alumni Services
How can EOP's new Alumni Connect Program benefit you?
After graduation, which of these would have helped your transition into the workforce the most? (Select the top three)
Which time slot works best for you on weekdays for Career Counseling drop-in hours? (Select one)
Which of these would be useful tools on the Alumni Connect website? (Select all that apply)
What kind of resources would be useful for your professional advancement? (Select all that apply)
What social media accounts would you use to interact with Alumni Connect? (Select all that apply)
Giving Back to EOP
Would you like to give back to the program? Let us know how!
In what ways are you interested in helping EOP? (Select all that apply)
If you checked 'Donating Resources', what resources would you like to donate? (Examples: money, opportunities available through my job, supplies)
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If you checked 'Being Part of a Panel', please tell us what professional field you are in, how long you have been in it, and a brief summary of what you would like to discuss as a panelist.
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Do you have family members that are interested in helping EOP?
May EOP contact you if you or your family members are interested in helping out?
Please leave any additional suggestions, comments, or questions about the Alumni Connect Program in the space below.
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