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Parent Request for: Digital Learning Mentor
Parent Rescue sees the need of the Gwinnett County School Parents to fill dual roles: dedicated employee and newly-appointed home teacher. As part of the public school system, you are required to have your kids involved in digital learning this year. Yet, some parents still need to travel to work or work from home and do not foresee managing both work and their kids' schooling well. That's where Parent Rescue comes in. We will match up your child with a digital learning mentor in your area. This Digital Learning Mentor will come to a Host Family (near you) to assist 6 kids (including your child) in logging in to their digital learning lessons.

Each Host Family = 6 Kids = $111/day.
Each Kid = $18.50/day (tax not included in that price)
Any Special Requests will cost from $22.50-$32.50/day instead of the $18.50 rate.
Catering will be an Add-On Cost if requested.

Parents requesting a Digital Learning Mentor with a Teacher's Certification will have a charge of $35 per kid per day.* This mentor will also offer added instruction as needed and keep academic performance records throughout the day.

Email *
First Name *
Last Name *
Phone Number *
Do you own a portable learning laptop for each participant? (You must be able to access the login areas specified by Gwinnett County Public School System) *
How many children will be participating in digital learning this year? *
What grade will your child be entering this fall 2020? *
What school(s) would your child(ren) be attending this fall 2020?
Would you prefer to be a Host Family? (This requires your space to have availability for 6 children to login with their own laptops and have wifi readily available to them. Your child(ren) will be included in the total number, and you will receive a discount for being the Host Family) *
List First and Last Name of Requested Host Family
Would you like a Certified Teacher? Are you okay with the difference in cost at $35/day per kid? *
Does your child have any special learning needs? If yes, please specify. Also, verify if you need a Digital Learning Mentor that has special training in this. (Note: this special training raises the price to $22.50/day per kid for a regular Digital Learning Mentor; $40/day per kid for a Certified Teacher with special needs training) *
Does your child have any other Special Needs/Requests the Host Family or Digital Learning Mentor should be aware of? (not special training, just a heads up)
Lunch will be prepared by the Parent, unless Catering Add-On is chosen. Will you be needing this add-on? *
If you are considering the Catering Add-On for your child's lunches, are there any Special Dietary Restrictions?
Special Request: would you need the Digital Learning Mentor to stay longer for parent pickup (You will need to pay extra for this feature. $15-20/hr depending if you need tutoring or not. It will be a situation that is arranged and agreed upon in advance)? *
If you need extended hours for parent pickup, do you need AfterCare Watch ($15/hr) or AfterCare Tutoring ($20/hr)?
Special Request: Some of our Digital Learning Mentors are qualified to balance baby/toddler needs with digital learning (This would count as if you have another digital learning child, but would cost $22.50-$32.50/day instead for that child) *
We are currently servicing the Snellville/Lawrenceville area. Are you willing to drive at least 10-15 minutes for drop-off? *
If other than Snellville/Lawrenceville, what is your location?
Do you have any other questions/concerns that Parent Rescue can answer or can accommodate?
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