Overwatch 3v3 Lockout Elimination
Event Timing: Cyberfest 2017, Empire City Damansara
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I understand that I will have to pay RM 70 per team before November 18 2017 and pay RM 80 for November 19 onwards on the receipt mailed to hitboxgamingmy@gmail.com to secure my spot. Hitbox Gaming Maybank: 564128631301 | CIMB: 8008482104 *
Rules and Terms
Game Mode: 3v3 Lock-out Elimination
Rounds: Best of 3 through out, Semi finals above; Best of 5.
Round qualification: First to 3, heroes locked after winning.
Map: Random from all elimination map.
Fee: RM70 Per team (3 people) for early birds, RM 80 (People)
Min Team – 16 Max Team - 32
Prize pool - 1st- RM1600, 2nd - RM 900, 3rd - RM 600, 4th RM 200, 5th RM 100

Players: 6 total, 3 per team.

Maps: Random every round.
Ecopoint: Antarctica
Black Forest
Illios; Lighthouse, Ruins, Well (Sub-control map)
Lijiang; Control Centre, Garden, Night Market (Sub-control map)
Nepal; Sanctum; Shrine; Village (Sub-control map)
Oasis; City Centre; Gardens; University (Sub-control map)

Limitations: Heroes used in a winning round cannot be used for the rest of the match.
Victory: Defeat the enemy team three times to win a Round.
Every round will be shuffled a random map. Best of 3, Best of for Semi-finals above.
Score to win a round: 3
Eliminate all opponents to win a score.
Limitations: Heroes used in a winning round cannot be used for the rest of the match.
Tie-breaker - Spawns after 105 seconds the round starts.
Time to capture Tie-breaker point: 3 seconds in the ring.
Match will be considered draw if no one secures the tie breaker in 30 seconds (135 seconds since match time elapsed)
2 consecutive draw with same heroes of both team will require ONE different hero from the previous setup used in the draw match until a score is reached.
Hero Selection Time: 20 seconds
Heroes Reveal: Disabled until sighted before 75 seconds match time elapsed.

Usage of emotes and voice line are not considered as taunting.
Negative disciplinary of players during match such as cursing, hand signs, verbal and physical taunts towards opponent will be given one warning per team and disqualified after repeated offense.
Players are required to be in Player’s Lounge 15 minutes before match starts. Failure to adhere will result to DQ and opponent team will be granted winning points.
No refunds will be made to the team that did not show up for the matches.
Only professional modded controllers allowed. Ds4, Scuf, BattleBeaver, Aim controller. NO Keyboard + Mouse such as Hori Tac series or Xim series.

Small rules might change and be applied immedietly and told to everyone on the event day it self.

I have read and agree to the terms written by the organizer. *
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