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Camp Blue Diamond Lodging Registration Shavers Creek Reunion: Aug. 31 - Sept. 3
Camp Blue Diamond is pleased to be the home of Shavers Creek Outdoor School since 2004. Overnight lodging is available to those attending the Shavers Creek Reunion: Aug. 31 - Sept. 3, 2018.

Lakeside or Rising Sun - Deluxe accommodations for couples, families and groups are available in the Lakeside and Rising Sun Cabins, located near the lake spillway. Each building has three private bedrooms: One for up to three guests with a double and a single bed, one for up to five guests with a double and three single beds, and one for up to seven guests with one double and five single beds. Couples, families and groups may rent a room or multiple rooms, dependent on the size of their group. Each building has two private bathrooms. There is a large kitchen and living area. Guests staying in Rising Sun or Lakeside must stay a minimum of two nights.

Hemlock - Accommodations for couples, families, groups and singles are available in the Hemlock Cabin located near the Main Lodge. Hemlock has four bedrooms, each with a double bed and three single beds. Couples, families and groups may rent a room, or multiple rooms, dependent on the size of the group. Singles will be assigned rooms based on gender, but may request roommates. There is a large common area with a kitchenette, and two private bathrooms.

Summer Camp Cabins. Each Cabin is one large room accommodating up to ten guests. Summer Camp cabins have lights, electricity and a ceiling fan, but not bathrooms. Guests staying in the summer cabins will use the centrally located Dip (washhouse) for restrooms and showers. Singles and small groups will be assigned rooms based on gender. Groups or families of four or more may request a whole cabin.

All registrations must be paid with a credit or debit card. Your card will not be charged if camp does not have an available room that meets your needs. Cancellation with a 90% refund is available until July 31st. More information about cabins and lodging, as well as directions, and a site map, can be found at Room assignments will be based on date of reservation, size of group and availability. Linens are not provided. Guests need to bring sleeping bags, pillows, and towels.

Rising Sun or Lakeside - $30/night, $18 for children age 5-11
Hemlock - $20/night, $12 for children age 5 - 11
Summer Camp Cabins - $16/night adult, $12 for children age 5-11

Camp Blue Diamond is a church camp affiliated with the Middle PA District of the Church of the Brethren. Vaping, use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages and illegal substances are prohibited. Usage of such is grounds for eviction with no refund. Pets are not permitted, except in the RV Campground.

If you have any questions or would like to handle your reservation by phone, contact Camp Blue Diamond (814)667-2355. Inquiries can also be mail at

Camp Blue Diamond
P.O. Box 240
4013 Blue Diamond Dr.
Petersburg, PA 16669
Phone (814)667-2355 / Email: / Website:

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Calculate your total Lodging Fee for the number of nights' lodging you require. Your card will only be charged if suitable lodging is available. Rising Sun or Lakeside (2 night minimum) - $30/night, $18 for children age 5-11. Hemlock - $20/night, $12 for children age 5-11. Summer Camp Cabins - $16/night adult, $12 for children age 5-11.
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In accepting to use the rental facilities at Camp Blue Diamond, I agree to not use any alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, illegal substances or vape while on camp property or grounds. I will respect quiet time from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m., and will not enter any building other than my rental cabin, unless specifically asked. If I break any of these policies, I agree to being evicted from the Camp Blue Diamond property, and will receive no refund. If I cause any damage or loss to Camp Blue property or grounds, my credit/debit card will be charged accordingly.
Summer Camp Cabin
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