Newspaper Application 2018-2019 Staff
Applications are due no later than 6 p.m., Friday April 13, 2018

The Downey Legend is seeking a wide range of personalities for their 2018-2019 staff. As long as you are willing to commit to the challenge of being the voice of Downey High, and the Downey community as well, this is the class for you. is an award winning publication that will continue to flourish in years to come. With this in mind, if you are willing to be legendary, while making Newspaper a priority in your extracurricular life, please fill out the information below.

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Writer, Photographer, Business/Social Media Team, Videographer, Podcaster, Comic Artist
VISION: Answer the questions below
Why are you seeking a position on The Downey Legend newspaper staff? *
What is your idea of an “ideal candidate?” How do you fit that definition? *
After looking through the site:, and the corresponding social media outlets, what suggestions do you have that would make The Downey Legend even better? *
What area of the newspaper do you believe should have been covered more thoroughly during the 2017-2018 school year? *
i.e. (News, Entertainment, Sports etc.)
How did you hear about The Downey Legend? *
Self Evaluation
Rate yourself in the following areas
I follow instructions closely and carefully *
I am on time to class *
I am easy to work with *
I am diligent about doing my homework *
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I am willing to help others *
I am able to accept constructive criticism *
I am an above average student *
I am able to handle large work loads *
I follow through on important assignments *
I am able to work well under pressure *
I feel confident editing my peers' work *
I am interested in a leadership position *
Please provide the following material(s) depending on the position(s) you selected. You do not need to be an expert, but we need to see what your current abilities are.
If you encounter any difficulties accessing these files, please come to S-26 to get a hard copy or to turn in any of the samples listed below.
Please provide 1-2 writing samples (they can be previous class assignments)
Provide the LINK to your writing sample(s) below or provide a hard copy to S-26 before the deadline. If you are providing a link to a Google Doc, please change share permissions to anyone with the link can view. NOTE: We are looking for writing samples that exemplify your skills as a writer. It would be beneficial to turn in a piece that includes a more analytical perspective.
Photographers, in a neat portfolio (all photographers—5 minimum)
Provide a LINK to your photos or provide a hard copy to S-26 before the deadline. If you are providing a link to Google Drive, please change share permissions to anyone with the link can view. NOTE: We are looking for photographers who can express their creativity through photos.
Have you taken a photo class before?
List the camera equipment you are familiar with:
Please provide a link to an existing video or podcast you’ve produced:
NOTE: If you do not currently have a sample, please try your best to provide one.
What editing software/camera gear are you familiar with?
Business/PR/Social Media Team
Provide a link to a current resume or bring a hard copy to S-26:
Discuss celebration ideas for the staff, which include birthdays, bonding days, and potlucks, also include fundraising ideas:
Discuss ideas to promote and gain followers:
Please list the social media sites you are currently active on:
Comic Artists
Provide a LINK to your comics/drawings in a neat portfolio (3 minimum)
If you are having trouble, provide a hard copy to S-26 before the deadline. NOTE: We are looking for drawings in a comic-like form. Please try your best to provide this.
Have you taken a drawing/art class before?
Have you had any experience with programs like: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Draw, Adobe Illustrator, MediBang Paint Pro, etc:
Where or who do you find inspiration from?
In addition to the completed application, you must also have ONE teacher recommendation form filled out.
Writers, please submit a form from your English Teacher.
Copy and paste the link below and email it to your teacher:
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