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Emily Hayse Street Team/Crowning Heaven Launch Team Sign-up
My debut novel Crowning Heaven releases May 15, and I want YOU to be part of the team!

-What is Crowning Heaven?
YA Portal Fantasy. Here's a link to the synopsis:

-What is this team?
Just a bunch of book-loving people who are willing to read Crowning Heaven and spread the word! It should be grand fun!

-What's the difference between the launch team and street team?
Right now, they are one and the same. If you are interested in helping with Crowning Heaven but not sure you want to commit to an ongoing street team, signing up now will not obligate you to stay.

-What do I have to do?
We will discuss this further when the team is assembled, but missions may include:
-Leaving a review on Goodreads or Amazon
-Participating in a cover reveal
-Hosting a stop on a blog tour
-Posting about Crowning Heaven on their social media accounts
-Participating in polls within our team HQ

No one is obligated or expected to do everything.

I was hoping you'd ask! As a member of the team, you will get the first look at special content like cover design and promo materials as well as chances to share input, and first dibs on ARCs. Other perks may include exclusive giveaways, deleted scenes, shoutouts, and future beta reading.

-Do I need to be on social media to join?
Not necessarily; there are tasks such as leaving a review and sharing via word of mouth that do not require social media. However, it would be helpful to have Facebook since that is probably where our team headquarters will be.

-What if I don't have many followers?
No worries! While a large following is great, I'd take your excitement over numbers any day.

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