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Heathens Court Winter Solstice Ball
Heathens Court would like to invite you to join us in our Celebration of (Yule, Christmas, and Winter Solstice).

Our event is dedicated to all forms of art, fashion, decor, and even content creation. A little bit of everything from modern, goth, and everything fantasy. Nothing is left behind, light, ominous, romantic, lush, epic, otherworldly, and even the menacing, spooky and eerie.

This is the Winter Solstice Ball event and will run from the 5th of December to the 21st of December. We will be ending the event in a live performance, and ball. (Yes, a live performer!)

We are hoping for more advertising, however, we currently have grid affairs, media_sl, SL Fantasy Feed, WHIP Radio Station, ect...

Make sure you read the rules before you fill out the application

✅ It's mandatory to be in the Heathens Court Events group. All information will go through here.
✅ All designers must have the Heathens Court Event sign provided to be displayed in their main store.
✅ THIS IS A MUST!! PLEASE FOLLOW THE THEME!! We have themes for a reason! Please respect the themes and ideology that is behind it. Consumers are drawn to themes.
✅ One Exclusive item is Mandatory. This exclusive item should be new or a recolored existing item.
✅ Your Exclusive item(s) should be THEME RELATED.
✅ A gift is not expected but recommended consumers tend to look at displays that provide them.
✅ Exclusive items in this event can be put up for sale at your main store and marketplace ONCE THE ROUND IS OVER. If your item is found in other places during the event, you will be asked to leave. (NO REFUND) and future applications will not be considered again.
✅ Intellectual Property Rights:,

Fees and Payments:
✅Heathen 40 prims 600L NO REFUNDS (sponsor level at any event)
✅Long Hall 20 prims 400L NO REFUNDS
✅Maurader -not offered for this event-
✅Runes -not offered for this event-
Payments are made at the Office Lounge of the event. LM will be provided along with an acceptance card. (Do not pay until Accepted)

In the lounge, you will find the event box to take measurements for pre-planning.

✅28th: ads to be sent to FLICKR
✅28th to 3rd: Set up (if not set up by 30th your spot may be changed)
✅4th: Open access to bloggers, and any advertising group
✅5th: Opening of the Event
✅21st: Winter Solstice Ball

The Venue will be completed at the beginning of November, If you need to come setup before the guidelines, Just let us know.
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