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MCNJ Funeral Assistance
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Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'un
May Allah (SWT) forgive the sins of your deceased loved one, enter him/her into highest level of Jannah and grant As-Sabr to you and your family. Aameen.
MCNJ provides Funeral assistance as a FREE service to the community. All payments collected are paid to external entities. MCNJ does not make a profit in the process of providing the service.

By submitting this form, you authorize MCNJ and the Funeral Home contracted by MCNJ to secure the body of the deceased mentioned below for funeral services.

This is a binding contract, after submission of this form, if you decide to proceed with another service, you will be liable to pay the costs incurred, these costs will be payable to the Funeral Home and/or Cemetery depending on the time invested by them, it could be between $300 to $600.
Condition 1
Burials can only be completed if the below two conditions are met:

1. Release documents are issued and signed by the hospital, nursing home or medical examiner
2. "Work Death Certificate" is signed by the attending doctor

If the above conditions are not met, family will have to work closely with us to get the issues resolved
Condition 2
If you will utilize a plot fro burial from MCNJ in Marlboro Muslim Memorial, please note, you do not become owner of the land. You are merely authorized to use the space for the purpose of burial. You will follow all rules and regulations of the Cemetery and MCNJ.

Note: Construction of a boundary, walls, permanent monuments etc is not permissible
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