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The Series Rebel Vampires

Rebel Vampires is a bestselling fantasy series set in the supernatural world of Blood Life, in a secret London where vampires are both predator and prey. And death drives desire.  Light is the ultimate British anti-hero: a Rocker and a rebel Blood Lifer, with a talent for remembering things and a Triton motorbike. This is a vampire series truly for adults. Yet when the world needs saving? Light finds himself in the midst of it – and will risk everything to save those he loves.

Blood Shackles:

“When Light is captured, he refuses to lose himself, despite how his captors try to break his spirit and force him into submission. Being sold to Grayse is the ticket he needs out of his cell, even though her father owns the company that enslaves him… Blood Shackles is brutally honest, tragic, triumphant, addictive and somehow hopeful… Johns succeeded in creating a world, characters, and a story that pulled me in until I had to finish reading it… This is a novel everyone should read, along with Blood Dragons” – Readers’ Favorite 5*

It’s a dangerous game to love your slave.

When your whole species is enslaved – and it’s the humans who are acting like the monsters – how far would you go to free your family?

Blood Shackles
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