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Cheese and Charcuterie Boxes
The Dairy Box program is still the most comprehensive way to get a variety and more detailed offerings for every week. We encourage you to sign up for that weekly program on the homepage of the website. The Cheese and Charcuterie Boxes are exactly, and ONLY, as we have detailed here. We are not taking requests or comments. In the form we will ask you once what you don't like. That is not an opportunity to tell us what you do like. We do not have as comprehensive selection as we usually do, so we are making this broad. We are excellent cheese mongers, so we promise you will be getting something absolutely delicious. Please know that with any box there will be a variety of cheese, not just one genre. If you have ever ordered a platter from us, this is exactly how we do it. We get a general idea from you, and then we select everything.

The Cheese and Charcuterie boxes will be for pick-up only. It is our overwhelming preference for you to pay for your boxes via Venmo and only Venmo. If you do not have Venmo, nor want to sign up for it (it is very easy), then we will take a credit card in advance instead. The pick-ups will be Thursday evenings starting at 5 pm. You will be asked several half-hours that work for you. If Thursday doesn't work for you, nor the times, then you shouldn't sign up for this because this is how we are doing it. The deadline for ordering is Wednesday night at midnight the night before you are to pick-up. Any orders after that time will be fore the next week.

We will have your boxes/bags ready at that hour and we will put them outside on a table for you to pick up. Since they are already pre-paid, you can just take them and go. We will have someone monitoring them. Please stand-back if you see someone else picking up their bag right before you. I apologize if this is a little stringent, but we do hope you will participate and we can get some good cheese in your house!
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