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Article Club - Creating our Vision
K-W Article Club is a reading community by/for individuals who seek to exchange and diversify their knowledge; create accessibility and read beyond the text.
It’s a platform dedicated to promoting dialogue, reciprocity, and critique outside the traditional academic environment.
“Article” can be interpreted in various ways; it could be an essay, a poem, an artwork, an object, a recipe, etc. Individuals are encouraged to unpack their article through accessible, communal methods of interpretations. Examples include (but are not limited to) walks, drawing exercises, food-making, and bird-watching.

***We are not an "academic social club". We like to refer to our meetups as "show up/out" meetups where you can be present and not be pushed to participate. We are working on ensuring our practice does not replicate the institution's and encourage your suggestions in creating that vision***

THANK YOU, your responses are confidential and anonymous.
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Article Club would require your help + donations to sustain itself and achieve any visions mentioned above. What can you do to support us? *
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