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EPRC Volunteer program info-inquiring form
Thank you in advance for your interest in our volunteer program. To provide the best possible service to you, we hope you can fill out this form for us.
This is a PAYING volunteer program, we run a very tight shift and having volunteer means that we have to move things around. The money is used for your food, accommodation, donation, a souvenir and a trip to Van Long. Please have a look at our volunteer program pamphlet (including information on FEES) using this link BEFORE filling in the form:
We also offer special family package, discount for group and couple, and discount/full waiver to people with scarce and unique skills. Vietnamese are encouraged to join our program and will be given special discount.
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11. Do you require our help with the Visa process which is included in the Donation? ( For people who stay more than 2 weeks, you can only volunteer at EPRC using a business Visa. This is a matter of the law so it is a must) *
12. Do you have any special request?
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13. What kind of special skills do you have to help with our work at EPRC?
14. Are you OK with sharing room with another person
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16. We are working to improve our service, do you have any comments on our current info-inquiry form?
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