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QFFL FALL 2019 Application
Queens Flag Football League For Yeshiva Boys Season starts Friday September 6th. Start time at 1:30.
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Cost of the league: Early bird special till Sunday AUGUST 18th- $165 Full price $175 *
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I acknowledge that my son assumes all risks of being injured while participating in the QFFL; and I agree to hold Rafi Pearl harmless from any liability, loss, or personal expense arising out of my son's participation in the league. I have read and agreed to the terms stated in this application. *
By checking below, it is considered a virtual signature, and that you agree fully to the above terms.
I agree that any item left behind at the field will be declared "hefker" after the season. *
Any questions please call Rabbi Rafi Pearl at 718-541-5672 or 718-850-0352
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