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Request for Proposals- GrowSmart 2019 Summit- Smart Growth Builds Wellness
Renewed understanding about the importance of physical, mental and social well-being is now emphasizing the connection between personal, community and planet health and land use planning. The summit will bring together local and national leaders to explore these connections and what they can mean for Maine people and communities. The keynote speakers will be Zoe Reich Margarites, International Well Building Institute; and Christopher Coes, Smart Growth America and LOCUS: Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors. By aligning these important principals we can start to address how environments are structured at a personal, community and global scale to make the places we live healthy, prosperous, inclusive and resilient.


Submit your proposal for a presentation/workshop for our October 24, 2019 summit.

We are accepting proposals for breakout sessions that spark a new dialogue to align planning and development with personal, community & global health. The breakout sessions will be approximately 1 hour long.

Your presentation proposal could be for you, a panel discussion, and/or an interactive workshop. It should demonstrate success, creativity, new model approaches and/or themes and learning applicable to Maine. Presenters receive free admission to the Summit.

Responses will be evaluated as they are received and you will hear back from us soon.

You may submit more than one presentation/workshop idea. You may edit your text after submittal up until the deadline of 4pm on Wednesday August 14th.

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