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WERA/OSPI Annual Conference Breakout Session Proposal
Washington Education Research Association &
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
December 5 - 7, 2018
Hilton Seattle Airport Hotel & Conference Center

THEME: Disrupting the Status Quo: Ensuring Equity, Engagement and Achievement for all Washington Learners.

The 2018 Washington Education Research Association’s annual conference will focus on the importance of equity in education and the need to disrupt the status quo if all Washington students are going to learn. Authors of proposals are encouraged to incorporate this theme into their presentations.

Conference Session Formats: For sessions scheduled on December 5-7, 2018, presenters may select from two different presentation formats:

• Traditional Breakout Sessions: Traditional breakout sessions are 30 or 75 minutes in length. These sessions typically focus on one topic, issue, or problem of practice that is of particular interest to a subsection of WERA members.

• Round Table Discussions: Round tables are 30 or 75-minutes in length. These sessions offer opportunities for the presenter(s) to engage directly with attendees within a small-group setting. This format is recommended for those who are interested in presenting on a topic that facilitates a two-way exchange of ideas with conference attendees.

Please note: Presenters will be expected to identify their preferred format and length when completing the accompanying conference proposal form.

Presenter Expectations: Please use active engagement strategies during your presentation. Use of technology and/or materials to engage and connect with participants is encouraged.
• For traditional breakout sessions, rooms will be set in theater style. LCD projectors, laptops, and screens will be provided.
• For round table discussions, tables will be provided for presenters and attendees to congregate. Because of this physical configuration, no additional audiovisual equipment, such as a screen or LCD projector, will be provided. Presenters are encouraged to bring approximately 20 paper copies of any handouts they wish to distribute. For those who wish to use a laptop, please be sure the battery is charged, as a power source may not be readily available.

WERA expects all presentations will be uploaded by November 21st so that attendees will have access to them at the conference.

Proposals must be submitted by June 1, 2018.

Questions? Contact DeAnn Hartman, Executive Secretary

Presenter Information for Conference Breakout Sessions
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Presentation Key Contact
If the lead presenter listed above is NOT the person to contact about this presentation please list the key contact below including name, title, employer, e-mail and phone.
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Proposal for Breakout and Round Table Conference Session
Breakout Length *
We will offer the following session types, please check all preferences that apply: 1) Traditional 75 minute presentation on an approved topic with 15 minutes of Q&A at the end. Rooms will be set in theater style. LCD projectors, laptops, and screens will be provided. 2) 30-minute session on an approved topic with 5-10 minutes of Q&A at the end. Rooms will be set in theater style. LCD projectors, laptops, and screens will be provided. 30 minute sessions will be combined with other like topic presentations. 3) 30 or 75 minute round table discussion intended to share your work in a small group format focused on open discussion, problem solving and/or interactive learning. There may be multiple round-table sessions taking place at the same time in the same large room. If you want participants to have information, please bring handouts as there will not be a projector available.
Presentation Title *
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Presentation Description *
Please provide an accurate, concise and interesting description to attract attendees. This description will be used for the program. Space is limited to fewer than 100 words I 600 characters. If your presentation is based on a specific tool or product that you are using/ implementing, please name it in the session description. Edit carefully!
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Session Learning Targets *
Please list the learning targets for your session and provide a brief description of how they relate to the theme for this year's conference: "Disrupting the Status Quo: Ensuring Equity, Engagement and Achievement for all Washington Learners."
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Primary Audience *
Who is your presentation most appropriate for? Check one.
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Primary Content Subject
What content subject will you be presenting? (optional) Check all that apply.
Primary Session Strand *
Please indicate the strand your proposed session is best aligned with.
Session Strand *
Please indicate any other strands your proposed session also relates to. Check all that apply.
Presentation Posted to WERA's Website *
Your presentation will be posted to our website. A link will be provided for you to upload your presentation prior to November 21st so that it will be available to attendees at the conference.
Schedule Conflict
Check only if you are UNAVAILABLE to present on the indicated day/time.
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