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BigQuery Streaming V2 Beta Enrollment Form
Thanks for signing up for BigQuery Streaming V2 beta.

Q:What is BigQuery Streaming V2 beta?
A:BigQuery Streaming V2 beta is a next generation, exabyte scale structured storage system built for streaming analytics. It supports high-throughput streaming ingestion. For customers who opt in, this beta launch replaces the current streaming backend without any change to the current BigQuery Streaming API.

Q:What are the benefits of signing up for BigQuery Streaming V2 beta?
A:For customers who opt into this beta program, the following Streaming quota limits are automatically increased.

1) Maximum rows per second: The default limit increases to 1,000,000 rows per second, per project. This quota is cumulative. You can use all of this quota on one table, or you can use this quota to stream data to several tables in a project. Exceeding this amount will cause quotaExceeded errors.

2) Maximum bytes per second: The default limit increase to 1 GB per second, per project. This limit applies at the project level. There is no additional limits on a per-table basis. Exceeding this amount will cause quotaExceeded errors.

Note - Rest of the existing BigQuery Streaming quotas (Maximum Row size, Request size and Maximum Rows per request) do not change.

Q:Are there any restrictions/constraints for the BigQuery Streaming quota increase as part of this beta program?:
1) Currently available only for tables in datasets in US and EU regions (other regions will be supported over time).
2) InsertAll API requests should not set the insert_Id for each inserted row.
3) Template tables are not supported.

Q: Does opting for the beta change any of the current SLA for BigQuery Streaming?
A: No. We will provide the same SLA as the current BigQuery Streaming.

Q:What happens after you submit your nomination?
A: We will review the nomination within one working day and notify you once your project is enrolled for the beta.

When submitting your nomination, please provide numeric project identifiers. Please see this link for further information:

For any questions or clarification, please email:

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