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Bang-O Question Suggestions
Want to suggest a question we can use for a future Bang-O card? Here's where to do it! You can submit up to three here, but just come back if you want to add more. A few guidelines:

* Questions need to be 36 characters or fewer.

* They should relate to sex, kink, or gender.

* Bang-O players have to "find someone who...", so make sure your questions make sense in that context.

Let us know if the question is specific to a particular city. Sometmes we use questions that only make sense for local audiences, like "find someone who has hooked up in the Verdi Club's bathroom".

If we use your submission(s), we may give you a shout out on the website, the podcast, or live shows (if you're cool with that). The legal stuff: once you submit a question, it's ours to use in any form, now or in the future.

Thank you so much!

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Suggestion 2: find 2 people who would like to join you in a 3-way
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