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Day Zero Hackathon - Participant Survey
In order to make sure we have a fun, educational and challenging day, we would like to gauge the skills set of the participants. In order to do this, please complete this straightforward survey. Remember, try to be as accurate as possible so we can match teams accordingly.
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1. Your name please
2. How did you hear about us? *
3. What level of techie are you? *
4. What are your top three objectives for this hackathon? *
5. Are you currently enrolled as a student in an educational course or program focused on Linux, Cloud Computing, DevOps or Security? *
6. Are you enrolled in or in the past year, have you enrolled in (check all that apply) *
7. If you did take/are taking a course or courses, please provide details below.
8. Which of the following best describes your current employment status? *
9. How many years of formal work experience do you have in any field? *
10. What field did/do you work in? (Please answer below.) *
11. Which of the following best describes your skill level with technology prior to Day Zero Hackathon? *
12. How familiar are you with the concept of virtualization? *
13. How familiar are you with the concept of setting up and managing firewalls? *
14. How familiar are you with the concept of pentesting? *
15. Do you know how to SSH into a server? *
16. Are you familiar with any networking concepts? *
17. How familiar are you with AWS? 1 - 5 *
18. What is your ideal outcome for the day? (Please write your answer below.) *
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