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EQUI Twitter Campaign Registration Form
EQUI Twitter Campaign Pool is 250,000 EQUI Tokens (1 EQUI Token = 0.000037 BTC During crowdsale)


• Minimum 100 followers
• Real personal account

You are expected to fulfill these steps starting from your participation moment till the end of the ICO.

• Sign up for EQUI Twitter Campaign
• Follow EQUI’s official account till the end of the campaign
• Like & Retweet all tweets by EQUI’s official account.
• Regularly tweet about EQUI, except retweeting official posts.
• Use hashtags #equi, #eq, #naturalintelligence

Your activity will be monitored weekly. In case you did not follow the rules you will be excluded from the campaign.

Any spam or unrelated communication will lead you to a permanent ban to bounty opportunity and your posts will be reported. If you unfollow EQUI’s twitter account till the end of the ICO, you will no longer be eligible for bounty.

Statistics are updated live.

Every accepted member of EQUI Twitter campaign will receive 1 share every week.

Weeks are counted as follows: Week1 (Jul, 20- Jul, 23), Week 2 (Jul, 24 – Jul, 30), Week 3 (Jul, 31 – Aug, 6), Week 4 (Aug, 7 – Aug, 13), Week 5 (Aug, 14 – Aug, 20), Week 6 (Aug, 21 - Aug, 27), Week 7 (Aug, 28 - Sep, 3), Week 8 (Sep, 4 - Sep, 10), Week 9 (Sep, 11 - Sep, 15)

Bounties will be evenly distributed among successful candidates after 15th September 2017.

Join our Telegram chat to keep on with news and important updates.
Link to our Telegram chat:

You can monitor EQUI Twitter Campaign Statistics here:

Link to our Twitter:

Link to our Facebook:

Link to out BitcoinTalk Thread:

We reserve the right to change terms and conditions without prior notification.

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