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Lower Clear Creek Ditch Crossing Application Form
To request permission to cross or construct within or that may affect the Ditch Company's easement (deeded or prescriptive).
Legal Acknowledgement
Application Submittal:
By submitting this application, I acknowledge that this is only an application to allow for the Ditch Company to consider my request and does not constitute approval of the requested use modification of activity within the Ditch Company’s easement. A written agreement with the Ditch Company is required before any work may begin that affects the easement. The information enclosed from this application may be used as part of the agreement. Additional deposits may be requested by the Ditch Company.

Deposit Fee Submittal:
By submitting the appropriate deposit the applicant agrees that the deposit fee submitted with this application shall be applied to reasonable administrative, legal and engineering fees incurred by the Ditch Company as a result of this proposed project application. These fees will be billed monthly to replenish the deposit amount. Any remaining balance from the deposit fee, after the project has been accepted by the Ditch Company, will be refunded to the applicant by the Ditch Company. By accepting the deposit fee, the Ditch Company is not approving the project, and reserves the right to reject the project.

Name of Project
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