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SBCA Event Request Form
IMPORTANT: Please give us at a least one week's notice before an event or requested date to ensure we can review our availability. Staff meetings are on Tuesday mornings, so please fill out this form by the prior Friday to assure we review your request in a timely fashion. Thank you for respecting our organization's capacity to respond.

Use this form to request presentations or speaking engagements for staff at the Somali Bantu Community Association of Maine or Liberation Farms, our community farming program.

If you are intending to invite a Somali Bantu speaker for a predominantly White audience, please review Soul Fire Farm's "BIPOC Speakers - White Audiences" Guide:

Adapted with gratitude from Soul Fire Farm's presentation request form.
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Contact Name *
What is your full name or the main point of contact for this request on your organization/group's end?
Contact Email *
What your email address or the email of the main point of contact for this request?
Contact Phone Number *
What is your phone number or the phone number of the main point of contact for this request?
Organization or Business Name *
What is the name of your organization, business, or group?
Organization Address *
What is the address of your organization?
In what way do you hope to collaborate with us? *
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Requested Date
Requested Time (Eastern Time)
Location of Event
If not at Liberation Farms (located in Wales, Maine), where will this event happen?
Details of Request *
Please describe the requested event in greater detail, including 1) the venue and 2) any learning goals you hope for the intended audience.  How would you like to work with us?
Audience Size *
About how many people do you expect to be in your group or audience?
Participants *
Please generally describe the participants for this event and any relevant age, class, gender, race, or educational markers that might help us direct the event to your needs and interests. Please let us know if there are any accessibility needs that we should be mindful of.
Planning call *
Would you like to request a 30-minute planning call in advance of the event? We prefer planning via email, when possible.
Honorarium or donation *
Please indicate what you are able to offer to SBCA, taking into account your organization's budget. SBCA will review all requests regardless of the number indicated here. We recommend a base donation of $150-200 for presentations up to 2 hours, not including additional factors that may include travel fees and/or interpretation for speakers not fluent in English. We recommend a base honorarium of $50 per hour for each interpreter/translator present.
Reviewing Media Guide and Background Info *
By clicking the box below, you confirm that you have reviewed our website for background on Somali Bantu history and have looked at our staff bios. Links here: ; and
Speaker Requests
After reviewing our staff bios on the Contact Us part of our website, please indicate who you are requesting to speak at your event (if applicable). You may select as many people as you would like, but not all people may be available during the dates and times you request.
Additional details
Please indicate here if there is anything else you would like to share with us about your organization, your work, or your requests.
Who referred you to SBCA? If not applicable, feel free to leave blank.
Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. One of our staff members will follow up with you shortly.
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