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WICE English Course Placement Evaluation
Thank you very much for completing the WICE English Course Placement Evaluation.

Here at WICE, we intend to offer the best language-learning experience for our student members. We believe that by placing a member in a small interactive classroom with other students at the same level gives a superior learning experience.

This test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. For each, choose the best answer. At the end, press "submit" to validate your evaluation. You can then view your score.

Ce test comprend 20 phrases. Un choix de 4 phrases équivalentes est proposé pour chacune. Vous devez cocher la case qui vous semble correspondre le mieux à la phrase initiale. Valider le test en cliquant sur "submit" pour afficher votre note.

General Placement Guideline:
0 - 4 Beginning
5 - 14 Intermediate
15 - 20 Advanced

When you are "between" two courses, eg 4/5 or 14/15, we use our discretion to advise on the correct placement.

Thank you again for participating ... Bonne continuation! Good luck!

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