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Submitting a Formative Assessment Aligned with Prioritized Learnings
The C&I team adds these documents to the formative assessment repository on a quarterly basis.

Before assessments are uploaded, first the following will be verified/done:
* File saved using the identified naming norms
* Ensure that the assessment isn't identical to one already submitted
* That it aligns with the district curriculum

Who created this formative assessment? *
Please include the first and last names of all who helped in the assessment's creation.
What is the home school(s) of those who created this assessment? *
With which subject area(s) does this assessment align? *
With which Prioritized Learning(s) does this assessment align? *
Please ensure that your phrasing aligns with district documents. This wording can be found here:
Describe this assessment in 1-5 words *
This might hint at what unit it aligns with, what content it covers, etc.
Do note that files created using Microsoft software (Word, Excel, etc.) may be reformatted when uploaded into Google Suite: to avoid this, a PDF version of the assessment is often best.
BEFORE UPLOADING an assessment, please BE SURE YOU'VE SAVED THE FILE in a way that the FILE NAME CLEARLY INDICATES with WHICH SCHOOL your PLC is affiliated and with WHICH PRIORITIZED LEARNING this assessment aligns
ie: Bamber2_ELA_writing_PartsofaSentence
Please upload your assessment. *
NOTE: To submit a second assessment, please click the "SUBMIT" button below and then "Submit another response."
We realize that starting a new form for each assessment may seem like an added, and likely frustrating, extra step. However, without it, it's difficult for the Elementary C&I team to ensure that each formative assessment gets saved and filed accurately.
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