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Application Ashland Chamber Music Workshop 2019
One week only July 14-19, 2019
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PIANO applicants only
Please list 8-10 pieces of Chamber Music you are ready to play (for example Piano Quintet by Brahms)
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Please rate your musical ability *
the success of the workshop is based on your honest assessment of your ability
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beginner (new or early-level skills)
Playing ability
Chamber music experience
Ability to cooperate with other musicians
Ability to accept constructive criticism
Desire to improve
Do you play a secondary instrument well enough to perform with it at the workshop?
You must own and be willing to bring the instrument to Ashland.
Personal Information
Anything we should know about you or your application. If you are new to the workshop or haven't been to ACMW in the past few years, tell us about yourself. Of particular interest is your experience in chamber music settings including combinations of instruments, the music difficulty you regularly play (examples are helpful), and your flexibility in working with others.
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Optional Financial Aid
Scholarships and financial aid are given to assist participants who are financially challenged. Amounts will vary and are distributed based on need. Financial aid is only available for tuition, not housing. Preference is given to new applicants and low-enrolled instruments. Participants granted a tuition scholarship are asked to assist in the music library. If you would like to be considered for financial assistance please write a short paragraph explaining why.
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The section below is for new applicants or anyone who hasn't attended the workshop in the past five years. Please give us the name, phone number and email of two musicians or teachers who can speak about your playing ability.
Name 1 and contact information
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Name 2 and contact information
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Describe your performance background and list any workshops you have attended. Include anything that will help us determine your playing experience.
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Please list 8-10 pieces of chamber music repertoire you have played.
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