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MUDA - For and From the People (2019)
Memphis Ultimate Disc Association (MUDA) is a nonprofit that aims to advance the sport of ultimate in Memphis while developing and promoting character, community and a healthy lifestyle.

We work for YOU to help you play and grow into the Ultimate player you'd like to be. To better help us do so, we'd love to hear from you. What do you enjoy about ultimate? What do you think can be improved? Where are areas you want to see growth? What other great ideas do you have?

This feedback form is open to all and can be submitted at any time: when you have thoughts, send 'em. This is designed to be anonymous but if you'd like direct feedback to your comments, please leave your email address or phone number listed so we can contact you.

Don't want to fill out the form but still want to share your feedback? Bring it! Feel free to email or call or text 2019 MUDA President, Ariana, at (901) 466-6708."

How do you participate in the frisbee community? (Pick any and all that apply)
What's your preferred method about hearing about ultimate frisbee related happenings (i.e. pick-up, league, hat tournaments)? Please check all that apply
What do you want to see happen in the Memphis ultimate frisbee community? Any suggestions to make that a reality?
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What has really been grinding your gears about the Memphis ultimate frisbee community? Any suggestions on how to lessen that grinding?
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What else is on your mind?
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