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NYS IPM Dairy and Beef Biting and Nuisance Fly Educational/Research Needs Assessment
We are conducting a survey to help direct our future efforts in managing dairy and beef biting and nuisance fly pests on cattle. If you could respond to the questions it will help the NYS IPM Program better meet your educational and research needs relative to dairy and beef biting and nuisance fly issues.
Do you think biting and nuisance flies cause economic losses in cattle on your farm?
Which species of flies do you think cause the most problems on your cattle?
Are each of the following statements: “very important, less important, or never important” in the decisions you make about controlling flies on your cattle:
Very Important
Less Important
Not Important
Presence of flies on cattle
Cattle behavioral responses to flies
Presence of flies in buildings
Presence of flies on hutches/calf area
Read that flies are a problem
Veterinarian recommendation
Neighbor complaints
Other farmer’s advice
Do you use action thresholds to determine if flies on your animals need to be managed?
Which of the following IPM tactics (non-toxic) do you currently use to manage flies on your cattle?
Manure management
General Sanitation
Wasps/Parasitoids/Fly Predators
Baited Jug Traps
Repellents on cattle
Sticky Glue Traps
Alsynite Stable Fly Trap
Knight Stick Stable Fly Trap
Epps Biting Fly Trap
Horse Pal Biting Fly Trap
H-Trap Biting Fly Trap
Cow-Vac (horn fly trap)
Bruce Walk through trap (horn fly trap)
Screens on doors and windows
Barn Fans
Pasture Chickens/Ducks
Which of the following chemical fly control methods are used?
Whole animal insecticide spray
Feed through
Ear tags
Residual Insecticides
Back rubbers
Dust Bags
Do fly control costs limit your ability to manage flies on cattle?
What is the approximate cost per head of cattle/year for fly control issues on your farm?
How often do you treat the barn for flies?
How often do you treat cattle on pasture for flies?
Biological control of flies is:
If you use parasitoids/wasps to control flies, which species do you use? Please check all that apply.
If you don’t know the parasitoid species, please provide the name of the company from whom you purchase parasitoids/wasps and the name of the mix of parasitoids/wasps (if available)
Your answer
Do you think any of the following fly species attacking cattle are becoming resistant to insecticides?
House Flies
Stable Flies
Horn Flies
Face Flies
Do you think dung beetles play an important role in controlling face and horn flies on pasture?
Manure management/sanitation is ______ for controlling flies on animals?
How do you obtain information on fly control for cattle?
Would you be willing to attend on-farm meetings/demonstrations/training on Integrated Pest Management for flies on cattle?
Would you be willing to be part of an on-farm research study or demonstration related to biting and nuisance fly integrated pest management?
New educational materials like short videos and publications would be
Weekly updates/management information via online fly alerts would be:
What research-based information on cattle flies do you think is needed?
Your answer
Any other comment or suggestions on cattle flies issues?
Your answer
Are you a:
If you are a producer is your operation:
Your operation is primarily
Do you pasture your cattle?
What is the size of your herd?
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