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Professional Development - Building and District Department Committees
The ITA negotiated contract language in 2016 regarding teacher involvement in designated PD funds for teachers starting in the 2017-18 year. That article will continue in the 2019-2025 contract.

The contract language is as follows:

Professional Development and Educational Improvements
A. Expenses of Professional Workshops and Conferences
"The funds budgeted for the purposes of professional development each year shall be apportioned among the several buildings and District-wide departments on the basis of the numbers of FTE in each. Funds for professional workshops, seminars, conferences, or other professional improvement sessions will be allocated to the buildings and District-wide departments at a rate of $100 per FTE. The teachers in a building or District-wide department can submit requests for the funding for individual, departmental, group or building wide or district-wide professional workshops, seminars, conferences, or other professional improvement session to their building or district-wide department committee. The committees will review and act upon the requests for professional improvement when deciding how to distribute expenditures of said funds. At least 30% of the funds shall be set aside for activities held in the second semester or each school year. These committees will be made up of teacher representatives appointed by the Association and administrators who will collaboratively determine which requests will receive funding."

Up to 2 teachers from each building or district department as defined in the list below, were appointed to serve on the committees in 2017-19. However, as people retire, resign and transfer, the ITA Officers need to collect names of teachers in the ITA unit interested in serving on their building or district department "PD funds committee".

Please use this form to submit your name if you are interested and would like to be considered in being selected. Those that served on the committee the past two years can also submit their name if they are interested in serving again.
If you are not interested, you do not have to do anything with this form. If selected to be appointed, you will be contacted via school email about being appointed. This is currently happening now for the 2019-21 committee period and for when there is a vacancy in the building or dept. during the year or if the number of committee members is increased.

Before submitting your name, here are a few initial logistical facts to consider:
1) All appointees to the committee are to plan to be at a Informational Training Meeting currently set for Thursday September 12th at Kulp Lounge (glass wall room off the lobby of Kulp Auditorium). There will be two sessions to pick from: 2:45 and 4:00 p.m.
2) A google drive folder will be shared with committee members for all information needed. You will be responsible to review and follow the documents when doing your committee work with the other members.
3) After that initial meeting in September, committees will in most cases meet after school and have correspondence with each other via email and google docs. The number of meetings is not a set number as it varies based on requests that come in but anticipate a few meetings during the year. Also, as a committee member, there may be some touching base and reviewing of time sensitive requests over the summer that you will be alerted to when a request comes in.
4) Once appointed, it is requested that each committee member commits, in all normal circumstances, to serve on the committee for at least 2 years.
5) All PD Funds Committee meeting hours will receive PDH hours and in-service credits in MLP (this will be the responsibility of district and building Administration to submit in MLP but teachers should watch MLP to be sure it shows up at the end of the year or over the summer).
6) Committee members may also make notes and give feedback to Adam and Lily as this work always evolves and new things come up.

Questions: Call Adam at 272-8950 or email
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