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Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair Art Contest
With the GSDSEF focusing on STEM, many forget about the creative aspect that so well inspires many of the great scientists today. This creativity, as it turns out, is not exclusive to artwork - in fact, creativity is what makes many science fair submissions stand out. Let this contest, then, be a celebration of this same creativity. In short, the art contest is an opportunity for GSDSEF to recognize the artful creativity of Science Fair participants.
The art contest is an opportunity for science fair participants to express their love for the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair through art. The art should represent an iconic scientist (ex. Charles Darwin) or specific subject or area in STEM. Be creative with representation and designs.
It has been decided that the GSDSEF Art Contest will close submissions on March 7th. Following this, the results of the art contest will be presented at the Awards Ceremony. Please remember, when submitting your art you give GSDSEF the permission to use your art on their publications.
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