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Shining Stars Volunteer Survey
This form is for people who may be interested in sharing articles, photos, or even their time and talents with Shining Stars Magazine. Please answer the questions below to help us know which topics you are most interested in discussing. Note: filling out this survey does not mean you are required to provide material upon request … it just helps us to know who to contact when we are running short! If you are unable to assist when contacted, we totally understand and will reach out to someone else!
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Do you have a testimony? A special insight? A Bible study? A story that will bless and inspire others? If you have an article that does not fit some of our upcoming themes, please share what it is … we would be happy to include it anyway!
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This helps us know who to contact when we are looking for a specific photo genre.
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Do you have time and talents that you would like to volunteer to help the Shining Stars ministry? Please share below!
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