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AP Lit Interest Form
AP Lit is a college-level class for students in their senior year who enjoy reading, writing, and thinking. In this class you will read critically, write intelligently, and think creatively.

There will also be summer work for the course, which will be available in May.

You must fill out this form in its entirety. It is due no later than Friday, March 2.

Please email me ( or stop by F-31 if you have any questions. :)

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What is your current English course? *
Who is your current English teacher? *
What was your fall semester English grade? *
Did you take Honors English 9 and 10 and pass both classes with a C or better? *
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Do you plan to be an English major in college? *
Create an extended metaphor that displays your attitude toward your upcoming senior year. For example, do you view your last year in high school as the calm before the storm of college, the light at the end of the tunnel of high school, a glorious ascent to the apex of your high school career? *Make sure the metaphor you choose conveys the tone you want. *
Write a haiku that captures why you want to take AP Lit. The challenge is artfully communicating your message (why you want to take AP Lit) in only 17 syllables. Reminder: Haikus are a form of poetry that are comprised of 3 lines: the first line containing 5 syllables, second line 7 syllables, and third line 5 syllables. *
According to Professor John Lye, "The basic idea behind depth and complexity is that literature, as does any art form, represents human experience in a way that is both revealing and compelling, that tells us something about the world, holds it up for our examination, and does so in a way that engages us. This telling about the world will also tell us about ourselves, about the nature of human experience." Write about a book that you have read that meets this description about depth and complexity and explain how it revealed something about the world and yourself. This response should demonstrate your writing ability as well as your thinking about literature. *
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