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miles of melanin Travel Grant Application
Open to melanated activists, writers and artists who do not receive funding from institutions (church, seminary, college, university). If you are awarded a grant, you must show proof of registration for the conference, symposium or conference that you will be attending. Travel will be handled directly by miles of melanin.
miles of melanin
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Please submit your bio of no more than 300 words *
Please include a one-page typed essay describing the conference you are attending and how this grant supports the social justice you are doing. Be sure to include the "take back" to your community of how you intend to share what you learn from the conference. Please explain how your community will benefit from the information you bring back. *
A letter of recommendation from someone who is familiar with your community engagement is required. Please list the name, title and email address of the person you want us to contact. *
What social-justice focused conferences, symposiums or workshops have you attended in the last two years? Include full name of the event and where it was held. *
At what conferences, symposiums or workshops have you presented, led, served as a panelist? *
Please link us to your website if you have one
List your social media handles (Twitter, Instagram, FB) *
Upload up to three jpeg or png images of you engaged in community or social justice work *
If you are awarded a grant, you will be asked to write a blog about your experience at the conference, share pictures from the conference and possibly participate in a miles of melanin podcast to share how the event impacts your engagement in the community toward more social justice work. Do you agree? *
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